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Speak to the Situation

If you don't recognise when God visits you, you may lose the blessing that he has brought to you. Israel is still awaiting the arrival of the saviour because they didn't recognise the day of visitation - when Jesus came. You must know when God visits you.

In bible study, we have been teaching on the gifts of the spirit. This week our focus is on the ministry gift of Discerning of Spirits. This gift is one of the most important gifts God has given to us. Joshua 1:8 tells us " This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth but you shall meditate therein day and night that you may have success and good success"

We are responsible for making our own way prosperous. How can we do this? By learning, thinking about, speaking or saying and doing (practicing) the word of God.

There is no shortcut to success. Shortcuts are more expensive in the long term.

You are responsible for making your way prosperous. How, by making use of the Word of the living God that is by doing, meditating on and utilising his Word.

Having done this, you in addition need to operate the spiritual gifts. The gift of the word of wisdom and the gift of the word of knowledge are weapons we can all use to disarm the devil by gaining insight into problems and their solutions. The gifts of healing disarms the devil. Satan's aim is to inflict sickness on you and thereby hinder and limit you. When you are sick you are neutralised and unable to advance the kingdom of God or his plan to prosper and increase you. The gift of healing is released to heal you and disarm the devil.

The gift of discerning of spirits is not just meant to discern evil spirits. Some believers mistakenly believe that the discerning of spirits means to discern evil and hence engage in discerning every bad thing in everyone and everything they see, including the church. Rather the gift is meant to discern good and evil spirits and even the human and Holy Sprit.

You can't receive from someone who you don't know to be present. So if the Holy Spirit is present and you are not sensitive to his presence you may not benefit. The Israelites in the time of Jesus had long been expecting the arrival of the saviour. But when he came it was the evil spirits afflicting certain people that recognised him and witnessed to his presence as the Lord. The Israelites were far more interested in obedience to the letter of the Mosaic Law.

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This article is an excerpt from a sermon by Bishop Oluwafemi.

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