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The Principle of Sowing and Reaping

An immediate response to the word of God is very important. While your heart is stirred up by the word and the Holy Spirit, your response is necessary to receiving your blessing, hence we have made it easy for viewers, partners and members of KLPC to give your gift or sow your seed on time without delay as you obey God through our online service which is very safe and secure.

As the Bible says in Isaiah 1:19 ; If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land;

All you need is to fill the details below;

What you need to do to quicken your harvest;

1. Name your seed Deut 26:12-15

Keep watering your seed. Heb 13:15-17 through daily confessions & thanksgiving

3. Send your prayer request now

4. Get ready for your harvest Mark 4:28

If possible call us, so we can pray with you

Follow the instruction to ensure that you give successfully

a. Select a donation type then follow the instructions

You can sow your seed or support our ministry by using Paypal here (You do not need to open a paypal account, you can donate or sow with your credit or debit card:

Or you can sow using your Google Account here:

Please note that at this point in time, Google Checkout does not allow UK-based charities to use 'Donate Now' buttons. It is for this reason that you will notice that we have used the 'Buy Now' button. The 'Buy Now' button does not mean that you would be making a purchase; in fact, you will be making a donation. You have successfully sowed your seed keep celebrating, be in expectance and call as soon as your harvest or miracle happens.

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