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It's Time to Leave Egypt

Bishop Oluwafemi

Bible Passage: Exodus 1:6-22
The book of Exodus tells the story of the leading of the Israelites out of bondage and into freedom. Exodus involves their permanent departure from Egypt to go to a better place. One needs to understand what happened to the Israelites in their journey from exile to the promised land to understand what is happening to the church and to us as individual Christians. This will help us to understand what to do.

The first thing to remember when difficult situations arise, is this:


Getting you to panic is a strategy of the devil to make you take a wrong decision. The decision you take in this situation will determine how well you come out of the situation.

Next you need to remember this:


Fear is a wrong step
When the disciples saw Jesus walking on water and were scared, he said to them "do not fear" (or "fear not") When a difficult situation comes up and you refuse to fear the following things happen:
  • Your faith becomes stronger
  • God stands with you.
  • The Devil is in trouble.
How did the Jews get to Egypt in the first place?
There was a great famine in all the land and Jacob's family sought food in Egypt which was the only country with food at the time. But this was the end of a long process for God had sent Joseph, Israel's son ahead of them many years before to capture the land (and prepare it) for them. Joseph was given the wisdom of God to save Egypt and cause it to prosper. He found favour, gained power and was in charge of the land. In his God given wisdom, when his family arrived in Egypt, he obtained for them Goshem, the best portion of the land - agriculturally, location wise and strategically. While Joseph was in charge, his people prospered. While he was there they multiplied and prospered. They were loved and feared. They had status - all the days of Joseph. They reached the peak of life in Egypt.

How does this relate to you? When you get to the best position or the height of your ability, then God needs to move you away from it. When you get to an apex, as a worker you naturally get bored and may seek a position of higher authority or another higher position.

Egypt only survived because of the wisdom of God manifested in Joseph and therefore God gave the land into Joseph's hands. How does this apply to us? Without us the economy will not run well. Why does everyone desire to come to this land? People struggle to come. For some it's their life dream to relocate to the UK by all means.

The Israelites had got to the peak in Egypt and God wanted to promote them. Though they were at the peak, they did not own the land so God said "I will take you to your own land". No matter how comfortable you are now, God has a better place and position for you. What you own personally is much better that what you don't own. The devil doesn't want you to own anything! He wants you to remain in a position where he can continue to control you. This is why it is essential for you to buy your own property.

We as Christians must glorify God not only in spiritual things but in the physical for non-believers to be able to see, believe and develop faith in God.

Let's examine the book of John 17:4 Jesus said: I have glorified you and finished the work

How did he glorify God. Some might think by his ascension. This is true, but at this point he was not talking about what he was going to do, but about what he had already done in his ministry. The report tells us - he went about doing good - he healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, raised the dead, fed the people, turned water to wine - all physical manifestations that were seen by the non-believers.

Similarly, we need to do visible things that are apparent to non-believers and glorify God. We're to manifest God wherever we are. To glorify God, you need to rise to another level and move to the level God wants you to be on. Don't just be a cleaner - aspire to be the owner of the whole cleaning company. It's how you carry yourself that matters. Observe the success of the Jehovah witnesses. How have they been so successful? - it's their presentation. They always appear well dressed, neat and presentable.

To preach the gospel successfully you must be successful and manifest the glory of God. How else will people be attracted to the gospel. It is good to preach the gospel everywhere you are but compare these two scenarios a) preaching to someone on the bus b) driving by with your car giving someone in need a lift and using the opportunity to preach the gospel. Who is more likely to listen to you? The one who perceives you as having the keys to greater success and enablement, not the one who thinks your predicament is worse than theirs.

Or consider the scenario, you meet with a non-believer desperately seeking accommodation. Being a landlord you are able to offer him a room at greatly reduced rent. Church is about changing lives. If all that happens in church is that you fall under the anointing but your life and your problems remain the same. Then your going to church has not done you much good. If however church is the source of solutions to your problems how much will you glorify God.

If you've read the press of late, you might have heard of the man who had an idea. 26 year old Kyle MacDonald had the idea of trading a single rather worthless red paper clip for something else. As an experiment he decided to create a website to enable people offer something in exchange for it -

Within days loads of people offered him various things and he swapped it for a fish shaped pen and swapped that in turn for among others a novelty doorknob, a BBQ set, a snowmobile, a van, a recording session, a rock and roll snow globe (ornament), a role in a film and a house in exchange for the role

In short, within the space of a year, he traded a single worthless paperclip for a whole house! - and he's not finished yet. Because he had and implemented an idea; his whole life has changed.

Wherever you are in a problem; it's an opportunity for you to move higher. When you lose your job, it's not time for you to weep and wail. God wants to move you to a higher level. Rather, you need to sit down and think of what you can do.

The Egyptians saw that the Israelites were multiplying and prospering so they said "let us deal wisely with these people" They imposed task masters on them in the land. You too need to understand the taskmasters in the land. Once you understand who your taskmasters are you will know how to deal with them.

God has greater things in mind for you. He wants you to show his glory in the face of the earth.

We are meant to work. Some people think work and toil are as a result of sin. But this is untrue. Work existed before sin. In genesis God gave Adam work to do in the Garden of Eden. We are called to work, but unfortunately, many Christians are lazy. If you are unable to succeed in the UK a land full of resources and opportunities, you will find it hard to succeed anywhere else.

What is the job of a taskmaster? To stop you from multiplying - God commanded us to "be fruitful and multiply."

God replaced the non-God glorifying tenants of his land with the Israelites so they could glorify him in place of the original tenants.

God has and owns every nation and every piece of land. Populaces are merely tenants. Believe it; God has some land meant just for you. Glorify him. Don't live and die in this country without gaining the opportunities present in it. Buy your own property. Don't fear predictions of property crashes. Why? Because this country's population will continue to increase but its land mass is shrinking so property will forever increase in value. The Olympics will also increase the pressure to rent property. It is best you buy while you can and before the laws of the land change to prevent you from doing so.

You can be who God wants you to be in this country. You can live without trickery or deceit, gain what God wants you for you and glorify your heavenly father.

Your mind must be ready, strategic, transformed for greatness and to do great things.

In the bible when Dorcas died all the women wept and demonstrated the things she had made. They were the legacy she left. Bill Gates the billionaire is creating a legacy with massive donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to Africa and impoverished nations.

What physical manifestation is there of the things you have done to glorify God? What will you be remembered for?

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